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ISBN 0-920225-14-4 Copyright English
ISBN 0-920225-15-2 Copyright Japanese

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A Photographic Guide to Diseases of Yellowtail (Seriola) Fish written by Dr. Mark Sheppard of Canada is a publication available in two languages; in English and Japanese (translated by Dr. Hiroshi Yokoyama, University of Tokyo). The 64-page guidebook contains 30 full colour pages of high resolution, descriptive pathology photographs depicting 29 disease-related topics typically observed in yellowtail, kingfish, amberjack and other fish types. Each topic has two pages of easy-to-read information, descriptions and photos.

Although the title implies a focus on warm-water fish, the booklet also contains valuable basic information relevant to: routine farm-hygiene, bio-security measures, sample collection procedures, shipping and packaging recommendations, as well as appropriate diagnostic test options from bacterial, viral, parasitic and complex disease syndromes.

This reference is designed as a Level I basic, hands-on, "what am I looking at now" diagnostic field guide for divers, farm staff, laboratory technicians, students, researchers and veterinarians. It is a valuable asset for any fish laboratory, classroom or library.

Review by Robert R. Stickney (World Aquaculture, Dec.2004, Vol.35(4), p.50):
“This small book is one any culturist involved with the rearing of Seriola should have on hand and consult frequently whenever the fish are behaving unusually, moribund or when mortalities are observed. I highly recommend this book to those involved with rearing the species covered or interested in those species for whatever reason. It is my hope that this is only the first in a series of such publications because the aquaculture industry, worldwide, could benefit greatly from such a series.”